There are a lot of resources out there on broadband and telecom information. The challenge — as always — is separating signal from noise. The following list of resources are a helpful jumping off point for news, research and analysis on fixed and wireless broadband:

Diffraction Analysis: Google hired this company to analyze what the best broadband models are is in the world.

Baller’s Email List: Jim Baller’s weekly emails roundup everything going on in broadband/telecom as it relates to the FCC.

Next Century Cities: Consortium of cities working together to collect best practices.

Fierce Telecom: Telecom news. They also have separate publications around wireless and cable.

CTC Technology & Energy: CTC Technology & Energy is an independent communications and IT engineering consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience. We work at the highest levels on cutting-edge communications networking projects for public sector The Federal Communications Commission does a lot of work to analyze and understand telecom problems. For example,, provides details on complaints from providers on pole attachment issues.

Telecom Ramblings: Potentially a telecom nerds haven — you can often find fiber maps here.

This is ongoing and living list, and we will keep updating as we find better resources.

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