Call Center Staffing Analysis

About the Engagement 

The client is a public benefit corporation responsible for public transportation in New York City. The engagement team was procured to develop staffing options based on potential future-state considerations such as consolidating call types and changing shifts to optimize for seasonal demands.  

Business Problem 

The client needed to understand customer service and staffing implications for the potential to consolidate up to seven call centers; and, for how best to optimize staffing shifts throughout the year.   


One challenge was ensuring consistent data from each source, or call center, to ensure all options were generalizable based upon each center’s context. Another challenge was ensuring up-to-date deliverables as questions arose from the client to always ensure that the assumptions and recommendations were aligned to the state of the data. 

Project Impacts and Outcomes 

The engagement team worked with the client to gather, analyze, and normalize call center data to develop flexible staffing models. Through this process, the engagement team supported the client in developing multiple options and assumptions based on relevant data, with the goal of assessing the best option(s) for the client. These efforts provided the analyses to determine the best strategy to reduce physical space needs, while providing strong customer service. 


Posted on

November 7, 2023