Our Work Old

A sample of our work…

  • For the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Karma Advisory led digital transformation initiative, moving CPS from a mainframe to a web-based system for administrators, teachers and parents. Specifically, Karma Advisory helped lead the technical Project Management Office, overseeing analysis, development and release of software solutions. The student information system enabled users to track grades, take attendance and more for 400,000+ students across 600+ schools.
  • For the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Karma Advisory developed digital inclusion programs and proposals in education for low-income New York City students, leading to $40M American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for computers, educational software, training and broadband for 20,000+ middle- and high-school New York City Students; public libraries, public housing and seniors.
  • For PowerMyLearning (formerly known as Computers for Youth), a New York-based educational non-profit, Karma Advisory led the development and deployment of PowerMyLearning Connect, an online education platform used by millions of students, parents and teachers every year.
  • Karma Advisory led the customer-facing business and technical strategy to launch Obamacare health insurance companies in New York, New Jersey and Oregon, leading to 200,000+ enrolled members in 9 months. We designed and oversaw the development of online marketing site, shopping and member experience. In addition, Karma Advisory designed and implemented customer service strategy to integrate and operationalize 12 outsourced call centers with 10,000+ customer inquiries per day.
  • For the City of New York, Karma Advisory served as the telecom and technology subject-matter expert, helping develop targeted and broad telecom infrastructure improvement plans. He led the development of a broadband mapping analytics tool, gathering and analyzing residential and commercial access to support in fiber deployment initiatives for 8 million residents. In addition, supported in developing the cities original Digital Inclusion Strategy as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
  • For a health insurance carrier technology company, Karma Advisory led the software design and development to launch enterprise online shopping, provider search and customer service portal, improving customer experience for 60,000+ customers.
  • For the New York’s Governors Office of Storm Recovery, Karma Advisory led IT strategy and implementation efforts to enhance and improve tech solutions delivery, and solutions design and architecture to support delivering $1B worth of disaster recovery funds.
  • For the City of San Jose, Karma Advisory served as the Internet of Things and digital inclusion/municipal broadband subject matter expert to evaluate opportunities; and, develop the cities strategic initiatives, and pilot programs to create the government capabilities and infrastructure for a connected city to serve businesses and citizens.
  • Karma Advisory helped Avon Cosmetics, $15B global consumer product goods company, develop its digital growth strategy to leverage e-Commerce, social media and mobile solutions. Karma Advisory’s work focused on the concepts of innovating business processes through co-creation and the power of social networks.
  • For the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Karma Advisory helped consolidate services and improve customer experience in call centers and walk-in centers by redesigning and modeling customer-facing and back-office operational processes and staffing.

To learn more about our work, please email us at hello [at] karmaadvisory.com.