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Agile Government: A Pipe Dream?

The finest hour of any organization — is in its time of crisis. It may not feel like it at the time, but it is the greatest opportunity to see what emerges, when the best is needed. Enter Kirk Rieckhoff and J. R. Maxwell, the author’s of McKinsey article, “How the public sector can remain agile beyond times of crisis.” How the public sector can...

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Satya Nadella: A Servant Leader?

Ever since I read Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, I have had a curiosity about the leadership of Microsoft. Bill Gates was seemingly an intellectual leader. Steve Balmer seemed like an autocratic leader. And, then came along Satya Nadella. As an Indian American with parents from South Africa and Fiji, seeing Nadella as the leader of...

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Smart Citizen

Smart Citizens -- adding to the collective to do interesting data and analytics...this is mainly focused on whether, but these open source platforms are simply the beginning.

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