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Data Portability: NYPD vs. Palantir

The concept of data portability is all too often simplified to the question "Can we have our data in a machine readable format?" At best, this ensures the data can be loaded to a new system and at worst the data can be added to a data warehouse. Palantir, Peter Thiels company, provides a lens into the importance of "thinking from the end" with...

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Machine Learning Innovation Rules

It’s tempting to get caught in the trap of applying a promising new technology like Machine Learning to every problem, but try and resist this temptation. Instead, try to follow Joshua Porter’s advice as he states in his Principles of Product Design: “...[P]roduct innovation isn't about new products that solve new problems. Product innovation is...

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What is your role in every meeting no matter what?

Get your questions answered: It you have a list of questions that you need answered, print them before the meeting and tick them off as they are answered. Help keep the meeting focused. If a meeting goes off topic, then say “I appreciate this topic; however... ....I don’t think we can resolve it in the meeting and let’s mark this as an action...

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